Ski waxing
For ski waxing have to make a deal with service provider
 tel. nr. 5049643

 Sliding without fluorine

5 € per pair

Sliding with low fluorine content

10 € per pair

Sliding with high fluorine content

18 € per pair

Sliding with high fluorine content + powder

50 € per pair


3 € per pair

Handling with fluorine

6 € per pair


3 € per pair

Maintenance for new skis

15 € per pair


·         The prices include VAT.

·         The board of the foundation of Tehvandi Sport Centre will establish the price list for seasonal holiday packages, catering and other services, and it will be published on the homepage of this foundation and Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre

·         As an exception, the board has the right to cut prices in case of last minute discounts.

Information and reservation: +372 745 6333